Essay on Motives for Pilgrimage

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Motives for Pilgrimage

Many questions are a raised when flipping throughout the history of the religion of Christianity. Why did Christians fight so long against Pagan rulers? Why did their religion mean so much to them, they would risk their life for it? Maybe by narrowing the questions down possible answers can be developed. Possibility one starting point can be, what are the motives for early Christian pilgrimage? Pilgrimages are an essential part of Human culture and are defined, as is a mission to come closer to the Supreme and to experience a communion with God. Usually they are made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion. These missions hold extremely great merit to many Christians as they provided a gateway to their
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He gives out the reason that she wanted to please her son Constantine when he became the new emperor in Rome, and please his family who have came to embrace the Christian faith. The Christian Empire was dieing at the time, and she used that as a motive to seek the areas of the New Testament. There is no actual date of when her pilgrimage took place, but it was believed to have taken place after 325, when Constantine name Christianity as the official religion. At the time Helena was an old lady and she died shortly after her return at the age of eighty in 329.
     Before Helena’s pilgrimage information on others that took place in the 2nd and 3rd can be misleading. A there were others on record besides Melito that are worth

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