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According to legend, in the 1600s, a dying sailor in the New England Colonies said he was one of pirate Captain William Kidd's crew. He’s the one who gave the vague location of the treasure trove. It was buried on an island east of Boston. Oak Island, in Mahone Bay on the southern coast of Nova Scotia, is east of Boston. It’s been written that a teenager accidentally discovered the money pit.
Discovery of Oak Island Money Pit
As legend has it, in 1795, when Daniel McGinnis was walking in the forest on the island, he saw an old tackle block hanging from an oak branch over a thirteen feet wide depression in the ground. He saw unnatural scarring on the tree, then realized that the rope and tackle had been used to lower something heavy into what
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One consists of six boulders placed in the shape of a cross, leading some to postulate that the Knights Templar hid the Holy Grail there. Some people speculate that the shaft might be pre-Columbian, built by Vikings, the native Micmacs or an unknown advanced civilization.
The fact that McGinnis discovered the depression in the middle of a clearing surrounded by oak trees refutes these theories. The growth rate of oak trees around the pit indicates the pit was built no more than fifty years before he found it. Could it be that what McGinnis found wasn’t burying something, but an attempt to retrieve it? If so, this may validate the pre-Columbian theories.
Oak Island Treasure – Legend or Fact?
It took a lot of expertise and time to construct the shaft. The stone found approximately eighty-five feet underground is an enigma. Some of the characters etched into it are Nordic runes, stylized letters, a cross, triangle and other symbols. It’s puzzling as to how the markings were deciphered that two million pounds were buried forty feet below.
The complex structure of the shaft, the non-native flagstones and the flooding appear to indicate that something valuable is buried. What could it be? Maybe one day, modern technology will be employed to find what lies at the end of the shaft.
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