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This report presents a detailed strategic marketing analysis of Morrisons plc. The supermarket retailing industry has become highly competitive in the U.K and unlike other developed regions in the world, still shows potential of growth opportunities. However it is also vital to acknowledge that opportunities are available for only industrial players who are willing to provide high value for customers at competitive prices. From being a regional player, Morrisons have arrived at a major crossroads by acquiring Safeway supermarkets and it has come to challenge the major national and global competitors. As a result, it is critical to conduct a comprehensive marketing analysis in order to forge ahead.

The issues
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 The Strategic Clock (Johnson and Scholes) perspective (PLEASE REFER APPENDIX-3)

Morrisons provide medium-high quality services to its customers at low prices. This state could be depicted as number 3 position in the strategic clock.

 The Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies of Morrisons will be discussed later on in the same chapter of `Internal Analysis'.

2.1.2 Style of Management

 Morrisons have a result-oriented style of management with heavy emphasis on revenue growth, expansion and shareholder wealth creation. The 9% revenue growth and 27% increase in dividends per share of the company in 2002 have reflected this.

 The role of leadership of Sir Ken Morrison cascades down to the operational level employees to impact on productivity.

 With the acquisition of Safeways, it will be an important requirement for the company to emphasise the same style management in the future.

2.1.3 Shared Values

 The company emphasises a culture of `customer first' policy within the whole of its operations, which requires the provision of a pleasant shopping experience for all of its customers.

 However it is important to appreciate the difficulties that would be faced by the company to cohesively maintain its shared values in the future when it acquires Safeways.

2.1.4 Systems

 The company has a sound and integrated internal

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