Monsters in Literature Essay

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We live in a world where creatures have abilities that can blow our minds, however we are ignorant of this. We live in a world where a constant power struggle is occurring between these secret species, a struggle that most human beings have no inclination of. We live in a world where people who know the truth are sworn to secrecy, and those proclaim this truth are considered crazy and locked away; to be sane is to be ignorant. Well, that is what I would love to be true. In actuality, I am fascinated with the topic of monsters; I love them all: lycanthropes, Frankenstein’s monster, witches, fae, necromancers, zombies, demons, mummies, and my favorite: vampires. This fetish has been manifested in the movies I view, the televisions shows …show more content…
However, when touched by the sun’s rays they begin to sparkle, alerting others that they are not quite human. Clearly, this is the main reason why this story is set in a rainy little town with perpetual overcast. Also, although they may crave human blood, vampires can live off of animal blood which allows them to interact and blend in with the humans. In this series the vampires are secret; in fact, the vampires created a disciplinary council that ensures that they remain secret. Vampires are viewed as fictional characters that are feared by humans. Only a miniscule number of humans know that they truly exist, and most of these humans who do know the secret are not quite human themselves. They are shape shifters that are needed to defend the town from a vampire infestation. This series was so well received by teenage girls because it is a love story about a doomed relationship that succeeds; as stated in the story: “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” (Meyer 274). It is the ultimate story of love prevailing against all odds. Unlike the Twilight series, Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series contains of almost every monster known to man and expands on known vampire lore. It respects traditional vampire lore, but it also compounds onto it with some of the author’s own ideas. Vampires died at dawn, as stated in legend, but they had “human servants” bound to them that did their daily work for them. Set in St. Louis of an

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