Modern Wicca in America Essay

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Modern Wicca in America

Wicca, an alternate and often preferred name for the religion of neo-Pagan witchcraft; a religion based, in part, on ancient northern European Pagan beliefs in a fertility Goddess and her consort, a horned God. Although the religion is a modern creation, some of its sources pre-date the Christian era by many centuries. Most Wiccans do not believe that their religion is a direct continuous descendent of this earlier religion. They see it as a modern reconstruction. Wicca may include the practice of magick1, which is defined as the process of causing change through the focusing of natural powers. The Wiccan Rede acknowledges the right of all people to choose their own paths, as long as their
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Wicca's spiritual roots in antiquity, acceptance of magick and mysterious nature have made it particularly appealing. Until recently, the lack of public information concerning Wicca and its apparent exclusivity has caused much frustration amongst interested students.
The Deities

Cunningham (1988) explains that "all religions are structures built upon reverence of Deity"(p.11). Wicca is no exception. The Wiccan acknowledge a supreme divine power, unknowable, ultimate from which the entire universe sprang. Wiccans manifest this power personifying it into two basic beings: The Goddess and the God.

"Wicca reveres these thin deities because of its links with nature. Since most (but certainly not all) nature is divided into gender, the deities embodying it are similarly conceived" (p. 13). When envisioning the Goddess and God many of the Wicca, see them as well-know deities from ancient religions. For example Diana, the Roman Goddess of fertility. The Goddess is the universal mother and the source of fertility. As the Wicca know her She is often of three aspects: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, simbolized and followed by the phases of the moon. Since the Goddess is nature, all nature, She is both the Temptress and the Crone; the cradle and the grave. But though she is possessed of both natures the Wicca revere Her as the giver of abundance though they acknowledge her dark side as

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