Essay on Modern Art of Glass Bottles

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Did you hear about the two little boys who found themselves in a modern art gallery by mistake? "Quick," said one, "Run! Before they say we did it!" Although this may be a hilarious slap your knee joke, I believe this depicts how society feels about modern art. As a popular saying goes “’Modern art’ is produced by incompetents, sold by charlatans, and bought by ignoramuses!” Why such the skepticism towards current art? Why do art historians and renowned scholars set new art aside in favor of a Monet or Rembrandt? Is the importance of modern art so infinitesimal that it is reduced to child’s play? Or, better yet, is contemporary art worthy enough to be art?
Meandering through the Lowe Art Museum, I constantly find myself attracted
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On the right of the woman that is being helped I see a man trying to break loose of that fatal grasp, and he is almost there but not quite. On the left of the man who is free dwells a woman still trapped in the painful coil of regret. I can visually see the tension of the coils and her exasperated state as she fights against this entrapment wanting to be extricated but not knowing how to get there. On the far left is a man that appears to be giving up; his body is quiescent-- lifeless in a slum only supported by the coils. It looks as if he is so overwhelmed and inundated with this obstacle that he just throws in the towel. The entire sculpture as a whole explicates how different people handle the same situation and how everyone involved has a different aspect and outlook on life. Even though this fits the idea that art is the direct communication of human emotions, does it fit the aesthetics of true art? Shattered Illusions possesses a parallel identity with a 1958 sculpture featured in Artstor: Legend by Jong-Young Kim. Legend sculpts the remains of a magnificent oriental three –tier portal. Presently dilapidated, this doorway- clad in rust- shows the beauty of time and the importance of endurance. The doorway is structurally sound, yet it appears to have been at one point in time attached to a building or structure. Having the silhouette of an ornate figure, it looks as if it

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