Essay on Messages in Music

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Mixed Messages
The music industry is one of the largest stages for individuals to convey messages. Some artists sell millions of records every year and are able to get a point across to their audience through their music. Unfortunately, the artists that sell the most records often are the ones who don’t use music for message sending, but solely as a source of income. On the other hand, there are a handful of talented artists out there who use music as a platform for good, by using their lyrics to send positive messages. Many musicians use the music industry as just as a place to make money, but there are always musicians that use their lyrics to tell stories, send messages, and better the music industry as a whole. Most mainstream
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Lots of rappers know this and take advantage of the dumbness of the American musical ear. The rapper MIMS has a song called “This Is Why I am Hot” that repeats lyrics such “This is why I’m hot/ I’m hot cause I’m fly/ You aint cause you not” over and over again. Later in the song, MIMS says “I can sell a mill saying nothing on the track” showing he can sell millions of records by literally rapping about nothing. He knows his music doesn’t mean anything, but he is out to make money, and lyrical music doesn’t sell as well as simply stupid songs like “This Is Why I am Hot”. MIMS at one point may have been a very talented rapper, but he sold his talent out to Capital Records, his record label. Big Labels are businesses and work like buisnesses which often “stunts a musician's artistic--while encouraging his commercial--growth. Big labels see artists who take chances musically as risks, since chance-taking necessarily produces at least as many commercial failures as successes” (Salaam). Once signed to a label, musicians have to abide by the label’s rules, causing certain Artists sell out their lyrical talents to businesses like Capital Records and their music turns from stories and messages In order to find music that speaks deep, one would have to look a little harder in the music industry. Underground rap is a gold mine for people looking for music, which has messages

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