Mental Disorders: Blanche DuBois and Fernie Mae Rosen Comparison

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Such is also the case for Blanche; though her past sexual history is full of scandal, she finds a clean slate with Mitch, who is several years her junior but sees her as a young, exotic commodity. Before their relationship crumbles, Mitch is entranced by Blanche’s high airs of manner and coyness about her virtue while simultaneously flirting with him; when he tries to become physical, she gives him excuses where she proclaims ‘I guess it is that I have - old-fashioned ideals’ (Williams 130), still leading him on the chase to win her love. This mirage lasts only for a little while, but it is undeniable that Fernie and Blanche have an almost supernatural sex appeal that stays untainted after multiple lovers.

Mutual dislike of the world, and the people who judge and gossip about them, also bond the women together. When Fernie is undeniably taking her new paramour to a location where they can be alone together, she remarks ‘“Doesn’t it make you mad?” She meant the row of gossiping people...she meant the world’ (Toomer 650) that gasp on the side of the road as they see her with a white man for the first time. Whether Fernie’s hatred of the world has to do with her general disinterest in what life has to offer her or because she resents her own life is unclear, but the reader can discern that her general attitude towards living is that of an
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