Martin Luther King Jr. and His Effect on the Civil RIghts Movement

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an enduring man, he once wrote from a city jail to stay a part of the civil rights movement. One must ask now, how did Martin Luther King Jr. help so greatly in the Civil Rights Movement? The Civil Rights were a great powerful event in American History. They helped revolutionize the world and times that one lives in today. Martin Luther King Jr. was an effective influential activist that revolutionized our world today with the Civil Rights Movement through his strong ambitions, actions, and powerful speeches. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential man. He crafted great speeches and writings that caused a strong change for the Civil Rights. He wrote letters that encouraged people to act and to make a …show more content…
He used this to lead others into getting to see the result of freedom. He too, never backed down when there were questionable answers to expect (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). This shows that Martin Luther King Jr. was willing to do whatever it would take to get what he knew was the right thing. He believed in taking effective calm action to make the greater change (Schuman, 1996). This allowed for him to drive large amounts of people to take action in what was right for them, and keep taking on a greater challenge. Martin Luther King Jr. was very aspiring in making a big difference in the Civil Rights movement for the good of African American people. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very energetic person in the Civil Rights Movement. He used his voice of action to act for a change that caused people to do what was right. Martin Luther King Jr. supported boycotts of segregated department stores and then spread out further form there. This showed that he made a strong action into getting people to make a change for the better of their rights. He helped support marches that lead large amounts of people through the streets of Birmingham, AL, a largely segregated city, on a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and made for an agreement change. This was an effective action that he helped take for the Civil Rights. He also acted in other nonviolent action to make a greater crisis, and to establish a creative tension to constantly negotiate the

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