Managing Change in Leadership Essays

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Managing Change in Leadership Every organization will experience a change of leadership at some point or another. CEO’s of organizations will move on to take on different challenges in their lives or many of them will retire. There are few changes that can occur in an organization that could have a larger impact than a change at the top of the management chain. According to Firoozmand (2014) resistance from employees is an occurrence that is a part of the natural process of change. This is no different in the event of a change of leadership. New leaders will bring in a new vision, culture, and expectations that employees may not be ready or willing to accept. The Loveland Fire Rescue and Authority (LFRA) is getting ready to go …show more content…
According to the City of Loveland’s LFRA strategic plan (2012), National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standard 1710 recommends the number of firefighters on the scene of a fire at 14 firefighters, something that was not able to be met with 2 person companies. With the leadership of Chief Mirowski, LFRA now currently operates with a minimum staffing level of 3 firefighters per apparatus and is able to meet the NFPA 1710 standard and has secured funding mechanisms to be able to support the goals and objectives of the organization. Increasing the staffing levels and improving the funding mechanisms for the organization is far from the only changes that Chief Mirowski has brought to the organization. He also brought with him a new vision for the organization. This vision, according to the City of Loveland’s LFRA strategic plan (2012) is “to embrace the concept of continuous improvement with each and every member doing all that he or she can do to help move the organization from good to great” (p. 17). With this vision, Chief Mirowski also implemented a series of performance measurements to help LFRA determine whether or not the organization is meeting that vision. This has created a culture of firefighters who are not only committed to those that they

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