K Street Essay

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The approaching tragedy pulls us; like ants to a flame, we are drawn…

We arrive to a smoky summer day in Southern California, with the temperature hovering around the mid seventies. The air is redolent with the smells of eucalyptus trees and orange blossoms. Mixed with these obvious good smells, are background smells which aren’t so good … smells which are obviously part of this haze that surrounds us and touches everything. It is August of 1961. We, the watchers, are in the back yard of a small, light-green, two bedroom, one bath, and 800 square foot starter-house. It is a typical lazy Monday morning, mostly quiet with husbands away at work, and their wives busily working on their chores. You can hear the occasional car and truck
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The older sibling is relentless, and now switches his tactics,
“Look! I will take a drink! Look! Watch Me! Watch, Ger!”
His little brother is now watching his hands he has folded on the table before him. The older brother tilts the bottle up and takes a big swallow. He once again holds the bottle out to Ger, who is still adamantly shaking his head no. The older brother says,
“Look! I’ll drink some more. It doesn’t hurt me!”
He takes another drink. Finally the younger boy speaks in a voice very soft and timid,
“No Mike, Daddy told us not to touch those bottles, that they are bad for us.”
Mike tries again, “This isn’t bad, it’s good, Mmmmmm…” he says with the most engaging smile he can muster, and then takes another drink.
We can see what is happening. This is an old dance that both boys know well. Mike is the leader (by virtue of being the oldest), and Ger the follower. Ger has made a valiant effort at resistance, but we can see in his eyes that his strength is waning. Mike continues to hold out the bottle, but now he has begun to smile … just a little. We have moved in a little closer now, because something is happening here. We would like to be able to alter what we see, but we are only watchers. The boys are still

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