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For instance, in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, The main characters Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy begin the story by disliking one another. First, Mr. Darcy feels as though Elizabeth is not attractive or handsome enough to dance with. Then, Elizabeth overhears Mr. Darcy expressing his poor judgment about her, which creates a dislike for him. Although they dislike each other, Mr. Darcy’s opening opinion changes and he finds himself getting more and more attracted to Elizabeth as each day passes. In spite of Mr. Darcy’s growing fondness of Elizabeth, the thought of marrying her was out of the question because Elizabeth is much lower in social status. However, eventually these two both find themselves well-matched for each other and are married by the end of the story (Naeem). It’s comically ironic that even though Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy disliked each other greatly, they ended up becoming married. While also adding comic relief to this situation, Jane Austen is able to demonstrate to her readers that social status prevented marriage. This relates to Austen’s three themes because with Elizabeth being a woman, she is only as prominent as her father, who happens to be lower in social class to that of Mr. Darcy, and this made it questionable for Mr. Darcy to marry her because she was not as wealthy.

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