Essay on Insurance Claims Adjuster

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Insurance claims adjusters are a play a very important role in the insurance field. If a loss or catastrophe occurs claims adjusters are needed immediately to examine the claim and figure out how much money the insurance company must pay. An insurance claims adjuster is a very flexible job with hours varying every day and few qualifications and requirements. This is a very interesting and diverse job since no one claim is identical to another. People purchase insurance policies to help protect themselves and their property in the event of a catastrophe of loss. If a catastrophe or loss occurs, the person who owns the insurance policy will submit a claim. The person submitting the claim is called a claimant and a claim is basically …show more content…
If the claim is complex, the adjuster may consult with accountants, architects, engineers, construction workers, lawyers, or other professionals who are able to give a more expert view of the claim (Nature of Claims Adjuster Work 1). All of the information that the claims adjuster gathers during their investigation, which usually includes pictures and statements, is put into a report that is then used to formally evaluate a claim. When the evaluation of a claim is completed, the adjuster sits down with the insurance company and gets an exact amount of what will be offered to the claimant. They then sit down with the claimant the settle the claim (Bureau of Labor Statistics 1). If claims happen to be contested, the claims adjuster will work with lawyers and more expert witnesses to defend either the insurers or the claimant’s position depending on which one they are working for (Bureau of Labor Statistics 3).
Insurance claims adjusters can work for an insurance company or can work for themselves as an independent adjuster. Some large insurance companies have a claims center where adjusters work, find the payout amount, and immediately issue the claimant a check. Cases that are handled by an independent adjuster or a smaller insurance company take longer for the adjuster to physically assess the damage and

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