Influece of Other´s in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Essay

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Jane Eyre had became the definition of self-discovery, finding freedom, expression, true love and emotion. Although it had became a journey for her to reach those things, she had to come across some influential and non influential characters in order to reach the pursuit of happiness. In each location speaking on Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield and the Moor house ,Jane comes across a number of characters who had brought her to self discovery. The characters were Mrs. Reed, Miss Temple, Helen, Mr. Brocklehurst, St. John and John Eyre , Blanche and Mr. Mason.

Starting off with Mrs. Reed, she was the wife of John Eyre who was asked to take care of Jane but of course Mrs. Reed secretly envied Jane and had treated her the complete
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Helen not only taught Jane the meaning of forgiveness, she had also taught Jane the meanings of religion and becoming one with God. Even though Helen had appeared in chapters 5-9 due from the fact that her life was ended short from catching a fever she was left with the Latin word “resurgam” which means “I shall Rise again” .This reveals the enlightening period and thought in Jane’s mind which she now she uses in her situations to come. It was Through Helen and Miss Temple that Jane was able to perceive her judgment of people differently.

However , there was still Mr. Brocklehurst who was described to be very hypocritical only because of his harsh treatments and discouraging words which of course did not seem very Christian like . Going back to Mrs. Reed , Mrs. Reed and Mr.Brocklehurst were very much similar .Their opinion of self righteousness was only an act and Jane had to witness their hypocrisy. What Mr. Brocklehurst had made Jane realize was that the injustice that she had came upon ,could occur anywhere outside of Gateshead and Lowood. In chapter 11 is where she would begin her job position as a governess in Thornfield. As she meets Mrs. Fairfax ,Mr. Rochester, Adele and the staff that resides at the house, she then meets Blanche Ingram and Mr. Mason. The love and bond that developed between Jane and Mr. Rochester ended up becoming what society now knows as being “true love”. Their feelings for one another had lead

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