Essay Individualistic and Traditionalistic Cultures in Texas

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Texas is an intricate state with deep roots embedded in limited government authority. Almost all, Texans, favor the limited government between citizens and state. The two most important cultures in Texas are individualistic and traditionalistic culture. Individualistic views are summoned by limited government and that politics are the root of malicious acts, and is usually responded with negative reactions from the community. The individualistic cultures’ vision is egotistical for ones self-interest. The individualistic culture is viewed as priority in private independent business rather that those of the community as a whole. Unlike individualistic views, traditionalistic culture is motioned by conservatism. This cultures vision is …show more content…
The Texas constitution states that the governor has limited power and yet he represents the people. The governor cannot make decisions alone without the consent of the Senate or the House of Representatives. The governor appoints commissioners to help utilize running organization and agencies; it provides checks and balances for the citizens of Texas. This way the citizens of Texas do not feel they are being dictated by government.
Under this analogy, many Texans who favor the individualistic culture feel that politics are to be negative and malevolent. The subculture in Texas believes in individual priority rather than the community as whole, which is shown in the candidates running for office. Most politicians that run for government office are for self interest and self gain. They run for office in partisan elections. This is not all favorable in Texas since for many years Texas was a democratic state, only in the last 30 years has Texas been a Republican state. These people who represent the individualistic view support private business as well as investing or contributing to certain candidates running for office. This happens frequently in the judicial branch with Texas judges. Texas became irate with the contributions made thru these campaign funds and decided to put a cap on all fund being distributed to an individual. This act is known as the Federal Campaign Contribution Act. According to the Texas

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