In the Road of Becoming a Novelist Essay

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“Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.” -Terri Guillemets. Passion is like a fuel, it keeps us moving in life. It is medication to our wounds that hurt us internally, yet, it can be the road to success and satisfaction. Passion is the world people run to when reality shuts them down. Painting, dancing, writing, math, and endless hobbies can be someones passion, and all of those things lead to careers, big or small it does not matter. Finding passion could be hard for some people and easier for others. I am one of the people who have found their passion. My passion is writing. I want to become a novelist but before I can do so, I must know the education to become a novelist, the knowledge on how the job process works, …show more content…
Getting a Bachelors degree in English, creative writing is a choice, however it is not necessary. For those who want to write in a specific subject can take classes that will inform them in that subject that they are interested in to write about. It is basically like research, so expanding your knowledge benefits many others to do better in their career (“How to Become a Writer: Education...”). In the road of becoming a novelist, education is just there to help them build up what they have, and make it become stronger. Education is just a supporter. The biggest step, however, is getting the job done which takes me to the job process of a novelist. The job process of a novelist could be complicated. There is a lot of responsibilities I must bear to become a novelist. I must have perseverance, creativity, and exceptionally good English grammar skills. Writing is an art, so it can take matters of years or months to finish presentable work. This job consist of a lot time management, gathering information to make my book richer with facts and details, presenting my works to editors and agents, and lots of writing. Like people say practice makes perfect, this includes of having an opening accepting mind from other’s critiques and ideas to form my ideas better. Polishing a book takes a lot of patience and time managing, so I must have an organized time schedule (“Summary”). Novelists must have an organized time when to type or write their

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