Essay on In Literature, Women Are Good and Men Are Evil

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What is good without evil? Without evil, there would be no possible way for good to exist. They complement each other, without one, you cannot have the other. Yet somehow evil always seems to outweigh the good. This is shown in various literary periods throughout history. There are many different ways that both good and evil can be shown. Good can be shown when someone is being kind or loving. The color white is often associated with good because it symbolizes a lamb, who is soft and sweet, a gentle creature. Evil would usually be associated with black. Black symbolizes evil because when people think of black, they think of darkness. The dark is scary and unpredictable so it is natural to associate it with evil. Without having an …show more content…
The evil of the Goblin men was very enticing to the women in the city. Evil is more attractive than good in most cases. Laura, the more naïve of the two allowed the excitement that she heard coming from the market lure her into trouble, “Laura rear’d her glossy head, and whisper’d like the restless brook: ‘look, Lizzie, look, Lizzie’” (52-54). This poem is full of evil while the good that is shown by Lizzie is overshadowed. Throughout the entire poem Lizzie stood firm to her belief of the evils that were in the Goblin Market and she continued to warn her sister even though her sister ignored her warnings. Laura finds herself in a heap of trouble by ignoring the good that her sister is displaying to her when she ignores the exciting sounds that are coming from the market. In this poem, a distinction between men and women is shown that relates to the good vs. evil debate. The goblin men call out only to young women because they believe that they are naïve and easy to fool. In this poem, the men are displayed as evil creatures while the women are seen as good and innocent. They are victims to the evils shown by the men. Lizzie shows pure good while Laura displays both good and evil. Laura is seen as good and evil because even though she was an innocent women, she still got herself into a bad situation due to her lack of self-control. “Only "maids" are able to hear the "goblins cry" to reflect Rossetti's perception that women faced challenges and temptations of

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