Essay Immigrants and Immigration - We Are a Nation of Immigrants

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We Are a Nation of Immigrants


The United States is a nation of immigrants, a melting pot of the worlds people. The argument of immigration and whether it enhances or threatens life in the United States is ongoing. Having been through the immigration process, because my wife is a immigrant from Germany, has caused me to know immigration enhances life in the United States. Diversified cultures have strengthened our social fabric and have molded our national morals and social values. Thru the years every new immigrant brought with them the best ideas of their society and together with guts and hard work they turned a rugged wilderness into flourishing towns and cities creating opportunity for the next generation of
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We also cleaned the windows every Saterday. Our neighbors thought we were crazy, but if everyone did this wouldn't our city be cleaner? The bottom line is we've managed to get along and recognize everyone has the right to practice their beliefs, patterns of human behavior, and rituals. That is American culture and has enhanced life in the United States.


 Statistical analysis of the immigration controversy is muddled with numbers used by both sides to claim support for their position. The fact is the figures used by both sides have little meaning. Business Week published a list of graphs on 13 July, 1992 and I find the figures do not support eather side of the issue. Graph 2 indicates that between 1971 and 1991 the majority of legal immigrants came from Latin America (47.9%) and Asia (35.2%). The Asian immigrants were better educated than the Latin American immigrants. Graph 4 shows the Asian immigrants averaged 12-16 years of education compared to 8-12 years for the Latin Americans. Graph 3 indicates the United States has attracted many science and engineering students from abroad, but doesn't indicate how many stay after their education is completed. Until a study is concluded with all immigrants surveyed, nothing concrete can be analyzed from the charts given, except the majority of the American people feel

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