Idealism, Realism, and Marxism in Today's World of Politics Essay examples

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Idealism, Realism, and Marxism in Today's World of Politics

Realism is a method to study and practice international politics. It is the oldest form of international relations in political history. It takes an approach where it emphasizes all world politics deals with the pursuit of power, and states fight for the control of this power. It makes the assumption that all states are only motivated by national interests, which mostly is applied and presented as moral concerns. Realists believe that power can be achieved through strength. They believe that states should go after interests which are only possible to achieve. They also imply that states should not go after the interests of its opponent as that will merely cause a war.
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In short, he implied that states would have to participate to survive.

Realists believe that political struggle between states and people is inevitable because people have a dark side. Basically, they believe that once a state has preserved its political autonomy and its territorial integrity, the states national interests could take different forms, for example, obtaining more land, resources, expanding their political and economic systems into other areas. For realists however, the most important factor on which a state should base its national interests is power. This power can be in terms of economic, political, diplomatic or in terms of military capability. However, this does not mean that realists are murderers or ?Hitlers? (excuse the expression!), as realists still always imply that the most important duty of a state is to take care of its citizens.

According to this political theory there is no authority over the state. It emphasizes that states have to rely on their own resources to protect themselves and to secure their interests.

Because the realists have a view to the world that is fairly pessimistic, they have an approach to world politics called ?realpolitik?. An ideal of realpolitik is to secure your own countries interests first on the basis that other countries will not help you unless its in their own interests. Another methodology realists use is called ?Balance of Power?, this idea basically implies that

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