I and My Chimney, by Herman Melville Essay

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In his short story “I and My Chimney,” Herman Melville makes an effort to keep his old chimney, a chimney he very much acknowledges. Even though he believes the "chimney is grand seignior here" (Melville), his wife however is against keeping it because she finds it a burden and constantly complains on removing it in any way possible. It is seen that the narrator spends much of the story trying to describe how important the chimney was to him and the schemes his wife plans to get rid of the chimney. Melville indicates, “Now, of all these things and many, many more, my family continually complained. At last my wife came out with her sweeping proposition--in toto to abolish the chimney” (Melville). So Melville made it known that not only his …show more content…
Though many are raised to believe in what they are taught or later tend to go against their prior knowledge of what they believe to be true and convert, some do not have that choice. For example, in an ultimate Islamic region where Islam is strictly practiced, one may neither be permitted to go against the religion nor question the Islamic belief system. However, individuals may do so in private groups or in their minds without voicing out ideas. On the other hand, in a modern society, all citizens are allowed to express their opinion on a subject matter. Since this is the case, let's first of all see how Herman Melville’s “I and My Chimney” pertains to dualism over the issue of teaching creation and evolution in schools as it is obvious that this is a topic with vast variety of ideas where many have their own perception.

Creationists believe in the Biblical aspects of creation which makes known that the world and life came into existence through a much more superior being or what Lac Andrew, Vanessa Hemovich, and Igor Himelfarb would call "monotheistic deity" (1). Through this “monotheistic deity” all things came into existence and all things live because of this being. Evolutionists on the other hand, believe in facts and evidence without proof beyond current scientific theories that life began by natural selection or Darwinism. While Evolutionists strictly adhere to the fact that the world came into being by accident, and

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