Moby Dick Chapter Summary

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2. Basic Plot- Overall the objective of the book is to understand Moby Dick and capture the beast himself, but the symbols and meanings of the whale is what transforms the book into more than just a hunt for a large white whale. The whale symbolizes knowledge and its limits especially for the human race. Therefore they are in search of that knowledge, or at least Ishmael is while Captain Ahab is stuck in his blind pursuit of the beast in madness and revenge.
3. Point of view- The book itself is narrated by a man named Ishmael as he journeys to become a sailor on the Pequod with Captain Ahab in search of Moby Dick. Ishmael tends to talk through himself and his version of events, but sometimes he skips into third person when letting other characters
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Setting- The story Moby Dick takes place among Captain Ahab and the crew of the Pequod in the 1830’s or 1840’s. The ship ventures to and from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans searching for the mysterious white whale that stole the leg of Captain Ahab.
5. Tone- The tone of this adventure is more or less dramatic and also mysterious in most everyway, as the characters and the adventure itself is tangled with mysteries, madness, and everything in between. As Captain Ahab’s character is slowly entangled the readers can tell that he is a fairly complicated man and though much was learned of Ahab he took many secrets to the deep with him when he died.
6. Style- The style of the author’s writing in Moby Dick is a mix of both dull and vivid depending on what part of the book you are in. Imagery is one of the strong points of this writer’s style for Moby Dick. He explains certain items such as the painting in the inn in such detail the readers can truly picture it right there in front of them.
7. Structure- This book is made up of many intriguing generally short chapters built to detail each separate and important part in the book. For example the book has one chapter entirely dedicated to the time when Queequeg locked himself into the room in an inn to worship

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