Essay about HPV Vaccine

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The Human Papillomavirus is known to be just one of the few illnesses one can contract while having a sexual relationship with a person. The severity of the virus in the body may vary from getting genital warts to contracting cervical, vulva, vaginal and anus cancer in women; anus and penile cancer for men. Many pharmaceutical companies have been racing one another in concocting possible countermeasures in preventing people from contracting these very dangerous diseases. I personally have watched the news regarding updates on cures and vaccines, especially the debates by government officials about the credibility of these vaccines and how should it be distributed to the public. When the vaccine for the HPV virus was released sometime …show more content…
There have been numerous studies that sex education and distribution of condoms did not show a rise on the number of teenagers that are having sex. Turning back to the mandated HPV-vaccination order, opposing it would only show that sexual activity is realized by the government and it would slap them for the reality that it is a problem that must be regulated in one way or another. Should it have been mandated, it would protect teenagers from the risks of unprotected sex and the dangers of an active sex life. They would also be taught on how important it is to be protected even if they have decided to abstain from any sexual activity. (Charo) Not all have disagreed with Perry’s mandate in the Senate despite the arguments that have been flung to the Texas governor about their concern over mandating the HPV Vaccine. Some states such as Maryland and Virginia have introduced the same mandate to their constituents and pointed out important details on why the mandate for the vaccination is necessary. One argument raised by those who have supported the mandate is that it opens up opportunities for those who would be affected the most of the disease and opens all the channels for these people to have access to the vaccine. There are also parents that have pointed out that they are very glad that the government is taking the initiative in giving opportunities for their children to avail the vaccines. Some of them came from low-income and uninsured families

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