Essay on How Eating Disorders Begin and What They Leave Behind

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Have you ever vomited and experienced the sting of acid on the back of your throat, missed a meal and felt your stomach grumble, or even eaten too much and felt bloated? These are some of the agonies that eating disorder sufferers endure every day. Eating disorders are psychological disorders in which the mind causes a disturbance from an established eating pattern. This paper is aimed to educate the reader about how eating disorders begin and what their consequences are. Although there are plenty different types of eating disorders, the main ones that will be focused on in this paper are: anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Eating disorders are tremendously serious health conditions and without proper knowledge and help, they can …show more content…
Often, people who develop eating disorders end up with them as they feel they have lost control in their life. With an eating disorder, they may feel that food is the only aspect of their life that they have control over. Unstable or abusive relationships may also cause them to seek a source of comfort and control, often found in food and restrained or excessive eating habits. Without therapy, eating disorders caused by mental factors may never be entirely cured.
Over the past century, eating disorders have become severely glamorized. Eminent celebrities who suffer from eating disorders are frequently seen flaunting their astoundingly slim bodies. Consequently, young people think that their appearances need to be similar to the celebrities, unaware that the celebrities they idolize are suffering from a disorder and do not naturally look like that. The media encourages this behavior by controlling who shows up on television, choosing their models and actors rather carefully, and reducing the amount of clothing worn by slender celebrities. The media also ridicules plump and full-figured celebrities by taking unflattering photographs of them and slamming them around on magazine covers to show the “shame” in not being stick-thin. As technology advances, there are more ways to electronically enhance people who are not perfect enough. On nearly every magazine cover, poster, commercial, and billboard, the models are photo-shopped to take away the blemishes and make them appear

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