How Charlotte Bronte Uses the Different Houses in Jane Eyre Essay

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How Charlotte Bronte Uses the Different Houses in Jane Eyre

In the novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte uses different locations in particular different houses to produce a structural base for the story and to provide a basis for Jane’s progression through life and the changes she experiences. The houses are a background to the plot of
Jane Eyre that is the evolution of Jane from lonely orphan at
Gateshead into an established and well-developed character at Ferndean who is Mr Rochester’s equal. Throughout the story Jane lives in many houses all that are different in certain aspects but in some aspects they are similar. One such aspect is that all the houses have a dominant male in Gateshead it is John Read in Lowood it is Mr
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For an educated woman who needed a job in Charlotte Bronte’s time the only respectable line of work that she could get in to was the job of a governess. Charlotte
Bronte shows the reader that it is very hard for any one to move out of their social group this demonstrated at Thornfield at Mr
Rochester’s party in which Jane is excluded. It is also expressed in that Jane finds it hard to be Mr Rochester’s equal. Some events in
Jane are Autobiographical of Charlotte Bronte in that Helens death may represents her sister’s death at school and Jane’s relationship with
Mr Rochester may represent Charlotte Bronte’s relationship with her employer. For Jane Gateshead is a place of torment and fear. Even the name
Gateshead represents a prison like place where she is trapped in. At
Gateshead Jane has no friends or even any kindness in her life; this serves as a comparison to what Jane will be like when she grows up.
Like many other novels of the Victorian time Jane Eyre is the typical story of an orphan who has a rough start to her life before she develops into a person who will rise above people of a higher class.
To Jane there is never a worse time in her life not even her time at
Lowood is as bad because at Lowood she has a friend in

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