How Biographical Traits of Individuals Affect Organizational Performance

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How Biographical Traits of Individuals Affect Organizational Performance

To study the organization behavior, that is to study the people who form the organization. The success of an organization rests on the characteristics of its people. Successful managers can observe the employees’ behavior to understand their individual characteristics, which helps to improve the employees’ performance. Therefore, the performance of employees is directly related to their biographical characteristics and abilities. These factors affect employees’ interaction with others and reaction to various situations in the workplace. Then how these characteristics affect organizational performance? To learn about this, we should first know what
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Besides the physical condition, older workers may be considered lacking flexibility and being resistant to new technology. Aged-old workers are more likely to stick to their own way of doing business and are not actively adapted to change. This is because they have worked for many years and this whole set of behavior rule works all the time and therefore is deeply rooted in their behavior concept. On the other hand, change takes time and energy, both of which the older do not have much to pay out. One example is the computerization in the bank.
Nowadays many transactions are dealt through computers so that the bank clerk should learn to manipulate the computer. Some old workers take great effort to manage this skill while some others will face the threat of being laid off.

However, does this mean that people should be kicked out at the time they grow old? There are some positive qualities that older workers bring to their jobs: experience, judgment, a strong work ethic, and commitment to quality. There is a saying, ”the older, the wiser.”
During the long years’ of work experience, older people have encountered much and experienced much, learned much and known much, which becomes a precious gift that the young will never own.
Therefore, it is more likely that the older workers will make wiser choice in work and have more correct judgment to world. Furthermore, as growing old,

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