House Arrest with Electronic Monitoring Essay

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My topic is based on house arrest (HA) with electronic monitoring (EM) and I will be arguing in favour of it being an alternative to confinement. This alternative method is reliable, lenient, efficient, and effective. It is reliable because it is a valid option for offenders who committed less severe crimes, leaving more space in prison for serious offenders. After all, there is a growing concern of jails getting overcrowded, meaning more offenders are under custody in one institution that requires more supervision. This point relates to how HA with EM is efficient because it is known to save money compared to the higher costs of incarceration. This alternative option is lenient in the sense that offenders are not completely stripped away …show more content…
Thus, the question is if HA with EM saved costs compared to confinement in jail when it came to DUI offenders in the "Western County" (Courtright et al., 1997:19). Courtright et al. argue that the jails in the Western County were "experiencing severe overcrowding," (1997:20) with a daily cost being $42 per-inmate of various lengths of imprisonment. In comparison to the HA with EM study, offenders were supervised via EM for 1,742 days. The findings revealed that this resulted in a cost of savings of $73,164, while Courtright et al. added that "1 day of EM is directly equivalent to 1 day in jail" (1997:20). It just goes to show that HA with EM is cost effective without sacrificing punitive impact, provided that the offenders are on par for the severity of their crime being moderate or lower. To elaborate on the aforementioned study, the 'costs' included three factors. The first being the cost of leasing the EM technology for the study period, totalling $10,016.50 (Courtright et al., 1997). The second factor being 'miscellaneous equipment' (i.e. 2 autolog drive-by monitors, portable breathalyzer units, camera, briefcase, etc.) totalling $3,581.50. The third factor was simply the salary and benefits for the probation officer over the course of the study period costing $11,160.12. The grand

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