Home and House Essay

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Home and house, two words that in essence are the same, but they hold vastly different meaning on a deeper level. A house as defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “a building in which a family lives.” A home as defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives.” The two definitions are virtually identical in meaning and yet to people a house does not hold much emotion. A house has more of a solid entity while a home has an emotional connection. Toni Morrison’s novella Home, several of Nikky Finney’s poems from Head off and Split, and personal experience demonstrate the difference between a house and a home. Home may be an explicit building, a family, friends, or an entire town. …show more content…
This was not a place where a child could grow into a man. This lack of security and solace in Lotus stunted Frank’s development as a man and left him volatile and ill-equipped to handle the difficulties of the world, yet Lotus is where he and his sister, Cee, sought solace at the end of the novel and where they ultimately found comfort, safety, and a home. Frank’s sanity and emotional state throughout the novel was portrayed through the lack of color, but at the end of the novel “Color, silence, and music enveloped him” when he and his sister finally made it safely to Lotus (Morrison 119). Once he made it back to Lotus and had saved his sister he felt comfort and safety and thus could make a home for himself, where earlier in his life he could not. In Lotus Frank was finally able to have the “the feeling of safety and goodwill” (Morrison 118). He had found a home and was then able to acknowledge the mistakes he had made in his life and begin to heal and become the better man that his sister always knew him to be. Pride does not immediately seem to tie into the definition of home, but if a person is not proud of where they come from then it is not a place where they will wish to belong. The reason a person finds pride in where they come from may vary, it may be because they grew up in a tough situation and came out better because of it, they maybe proud because they lived a life of luxury, or they maybe proud because they built their home from the ground

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