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Holistic Medicine Many people aren’t really aware of the benefits that holistic medicine can provide to ones stability as a healthy human being. According to holistic medicine, a good health state is achieved by gaining proper balance in life. It has successfully been a form to cure individuals by evolving from traditional techniques to a more easy way of achieving ones balance in health as well as in life. It can be seen in various ways as meditation used by the Buddhism religion, or as simple as yoga. Therefore, mostly everyone seeks holistic medication in their own way to balance them as whole. Holistic medicine, defined in (WebMD), is a form of healing that considers the whole person’s body, mind, and spirit in the pursuit for top …show more content…
In the article (Rankin:Mind Over) Dr Lissa Rankin states the simplest holistic medicine on how to heal your body. Her medicine is to keep ones nervous system as best as you can in relax mode that way the body can heal itself. She explains how to the nervous system only needs one medicine and that is enjoying yourself and life. Also to be loved just as you are and assisting those in need. This Medicine is stating your creative brilliance and its making the best out of everything. When you provide yourself with this medicine you are turning off your stress response and turning on your relaxation response and this allows the body to do one of the things it does best witch is healing.
Many people seek different ways to heal their souls in a positive way that falls into holistic medicine. In the mind unleashed article called (The Mind Unleashed) Matthieu Ricard, a 66-year old that was a monk and also geneticist. His brain produced gamma waves linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory. This led the researchers to determine that Ricard was the world’s happiest man. It was quite simple, the top-secret to his triumph in getting to that point in life was as plain as “Meditation. ” Ricard told the Daily News that “Meditating is like lifting weights or

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