History of Alkaloid AD Skopje Company Essay

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The very first manufacturing plant that Alkaloid grew from was of the ownership of the family Ognjanovich. At the very beginning, there were only 2 manufacturing plants, worked on by a total of 15 employees (of whom only one had a University Degree) to produce 350 kg of pharmaceutical raw materials. The factory extracted an industrial branch not only locally but in the entire region. The main production was in making opium alkaloids (morphine base extraction).

The main reason for the opening of this factory was because of the quality of the Macedonian opium poppy heads, locally known as “black gold”. Back in June 1945, by the decision of the government-at the time known as the Federation of Peoples Republic
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Alkaloid AD Skopje produces and sells a wide range of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic products, as well as goods from herbal origin. Their flagship product is Caffetin. Alkaloid’s Cosmetics Unit designs and produces skincare products, children’s skincare, soaps, hair care products, dental care products, men and women perfume collection, and household cleaners.
The Profit Centre- Chemistry, Cosmetics and Botanicals Units, with a rich product line for public consumption, is one of the most significant parts of Alkaloid A.D. The focus of the Profit Centre is directed towards high quality products, establishing good relations with the consumers and the suppliers, promotion and selling on the existing markets and acquiring a new one.

Alkaloid’s main goal is to provide their consumers with high quality products and services, to care for their employees, business partners and shareholders and to constantly maintain healthcare systems and awareness of the environment. Their motto: HEALTH ABOVE ALL!

Alkaloid has always been directed toward being an export-oriented pharmaceutical company, open to new marketing experiences and partnerships and most important, selling products and services of high value provided by top technology and based upon corporate standards.

Since 1998, Alkaloid implemented an investment cycle in approximate value of around 60

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