Hippie Culture in America Essay

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"I wish we were all hippies and we did yoga, lived and cottages, smoke weed and accepted everyone for who they are and lostened to wonderful music. And i wish money didn't make us who we are, i just wish we could redo society" (Marley, 1968). According to Hippie Culture, (2010)"Being a hippie" was originally born as a subculture, youth movement, which began on The United States of America near the 1960's, it started as a pacifist movement that was againist wars and the bad gobernment. Stated by Hippies, (2009) is being hippies a culture? Is more than a culture. You are envolving thoughts. People say that its just a style or a way to wear cloth, but they dont know what a hippie has in the mind. They focus they're life more in enjoying …show more content…
According to 60's Hippies Culture,(2012), They were against the consumption of hard drugs such as alcohol, heroin, amphetamines and cocaine since they generate high levels of addiction and not accept the business surrounding them. The characteristics of their life, they were nomads and they liked much travel, said that in travel and adventure, the human performs a discovery of his person, as well as opening his head to new cultures and people.


Most importantly their lifestyle was that they were completely liberal, for example I don't mind them at all in what society could say of them that his eagerness was the relate to nature, and therefore to protect it. The hippie icon is usually characterized with a man with long hair and beard much longer than "normal" seen for the time. Both sexes had the habit of letting the longhaired and imitating African-American style.
The majority of the society at the time, considered these "long hair" as an insult, or as synonymous with dirt, or thing of women.
Wearing long hair, for both sexes and their particular form of dress, acted as a sign of belonging and a sample of their rebellion against society.
Pacifism, the liberation of sexual morality, the contact with the

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