Heathcare Providers and High-Risk Patients Essay

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Heathcare Providers and High-Risk Patients

A case that was never heard by a court

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Article 1, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Humanity is yet to face a global epidemic of HIV/AIDS

if it fails to join efforts against the disease

Lars O. Kallings, the UN Secretary General's Special

Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe.

We are all born equal in dignity and rights - at least this is what we believe in. How come our "equality" remains mainly on the paper? How come some people enjoy all the benefits of modern life and the latest achievements of the science, while others are obliged to live in hunger, poverty,
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The fetus was already too big and I could not undergo an abortion. My doctor made all efforts to help me to maintain a healthy fetus: conducted antiretroviral therapy in the pre-delivery period, and explained to me that in order to ensure minimum risk to my child a caesarian section would be necessary. However, prior to the operation we faced the fact that no hospital in the city agreed to accept me for the caesarian section. I cannot describe how the whole family of mine felt about that… When you know, that there is a chance and it is out of your ability to grasp this chance... Moreover, these are doctors who oppose you, when the same doctors must devote their whole energy to saving the life! I would cry and reiterate 'Why cannot I have the operation? Why cannot I?' I had to deliver my child myself, at home, in a big fear and hopelessness. Fortunately, God saved us, and our child is healthy. I cannot imagine what would I do if my child had been born infected.

What would she do in case her child was born infected or how would that improve the condition of her child is another side of the coin. She was fortunate enough to deliver without complications. But another woman may not be that fortunate…

Denying patients' health care merely on the

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