Hard Time: Worse of the Worse Essays

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A life behind bars is not an easy life, but a life that many people become accustom to, not because these people want to, but because they have to. The prison life is one that includes adverse challenges, dangerous situations, gang violence, and unpleasant living conditions. As shown in the documentary, Hard Time: Worst of the Worst, the inmates at the Southern Ohio Correction Facility in Lucasville, Ohio are no strangers to the prison life. Opened in 1972, the prison houses some of Ohio’s most dangerous inmates, totaling 2,200 inmates. The Southern Ohio Correctional Facility is known as a level 4, or a maximum-security facility. Here, correction officers control each and every movement of inmates. The Southern Ohio Correctional Facility …show more content…
Inmates find simple things to do to past the time like bet on sports teams and play cards. Within the prison system, one will find a different way of life, a different culture known only to those who experience it.
Living in any place, with anyone for an extended amount of time, it is certain that some type of culture will develop, when it happens within a prison this is known as the prison subculture. According to the book Criminal Justice The Essentials, there has been some work done by a man named Gresham Sykes. Sykes identifies various characteristics of a life behind bars that contribute to making a prison culture. The book goes on to say, “These pains of imprisonment include the loss of liberty, deprivation of goods and services, the barring of heterosexual relations, limitations to a prisoner’s autonomy, and concern over personal security” (Lab 136). These factors are something that every inmate must experience once behind bars. The inmate must learn to accept these factors of their new home, if the inmate wants his or her stay to go smoothly.
In the film Hard time: Worst of the Worst, a prison subculture is prevalent amongst the prisoners. The prisoners are engaging in activities that one would not see outside of the prison walls. In the 4B unit, prisoners are yelling loudly. Glen Chasteen, a newly added prisoner to the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility begins to

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