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lns 339-340). In this quote, upon dying, Hamlet acknowledges that they have all been taking part in a play.

In the study of Sociology, there is a theory that everyone has a number of roles

that they perform in their lives. Within the play, Hamlet’s most obvious roles are the

grieving son who must avenge his father’s death; Ophelia’s lover and later, arguably, her

damnation; the beloved prince of a proud heritage; the well-educated, sensitive

philosopher; and most obviously within the play: the madman. During the play scene, his

less obvious roles emerge. It can be argued whether these roles give depth to the layers of Hamlet’s personality, or show how serious his madness had become. These less obvious

roles, which will be discussed more fully, are Hamlet as manipulator, critic, good friend, comic, jubilant boy, mocking satirist, and revenger.

Hamlet’s role as a manipulator is the most interesting in this scene. It is through his manipulations that all the other roles emerge. The whole purpose of the play scene is for Hamlet to judge whether Claudius is guilty or if the ghost is lying. Therefore, Hamlet must manipulate the events of the scene. Ruth Nevo states: “In the play scene, Hamlet states his grand exposure of these inquiries”. Hamlet’s instructions to the players reflect his intentions: For in the very torrent, tempest, and as I may say, the whirlwind of passion, you must acquire and beget
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