Global Market Research Case Study Paper

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Global Market Research Case Study Paper Sperry/MacLennan is architectural company based in Canada. The firm main architectural project is recreational building. The firm had been in business since 1970’s and face up and down in the market. The firm currently has 19 employees. In this paper, reader will gain knowledge about opportunities facing Sperry/MacLennan, key issues in growth, and important of global marker research.
Summary of Company Drew Sperry, one of the two senior partners in Sperry/MacLennan, founded the company in 1972 as a one-man architectural practice. At the end of its first year, the company was incorporated as H. Drew Sperry and Associates; by then Sperry had added three junior architects, a draftsman, and a
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When thinking about going global, the firm will have to consider many factors. The firm must perform market research about their competitors. The firm must consider how much will their expansion cost. The other factor firm will face to consider would be the location of their company. After conducting firm research, Sperry/MacLennan decides to open their business in New England area. The firm will try sign contract with local schools and colleges to build facilities.
The Key Issues for the Organization Sperry/MacLennan faces varieties of issue when expending their business globally. The two main issues firm will have to consider about location and finance. The firm will have to find location, which could be the prime location in terms of number of projects received from this area every year. Brooks thinks that the New England area might not be as lucrative as the other areas in US and Europe when building sports and recreational complexes. Therefore, the firm should also consider other areas for their franchise. The firm should consider factors such as legal matters, demographic of local area, and geography. The firm should perform extensive market research to gain knowledge about similar firms in local area and what kind of client base is in New England area. The firm will have to consider about international trade, current ratio, and legal issues consider to their firm. The firm will have to invest into CADD since its basic program

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