Ghostly Tales: The Call Essay

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“Ghostly Tales:”
“The Call” Q1) I am Geoff the husband of Meg. Today we faced a mysterious problem about a hoax woman who’s going to be killed by her husband when he finishes locking all the fences locks of the river and push her in the River Ousam as if it’s an incident. We received 4 calls, but every time when I ask the girl a question the call keeps going off. Her voice is dread and cold like a dead ghost. The first time the girl rang I logged the call. I caught it from a distance knowing that it’s not the phrase that were so awful he felt that the girl is just making fun on an Christmas Eve. This shows how wise and intelligent Geoff’s character is. He is not too serious because he didn’t believe it could be a true story
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“Geoff” is an emotional character in the story when he saw his wife is scared and is really interested in the ghost’s story he became more convinced to help the girl. He is to be logical when he did not believe the client call he thought it to be a hoax. Geoff is Impulsive he takes decisions quickly didn’t try to think if the case is true or not.
“Tom” helped Geoff with the case he is logical he keeps listening to the story from the begging to the end without interrupting. He is cautious and cunning by telling Geoff about the ghost he tried to shorten his words.
“Meg” is very emotional she felt sorry and depressed for the girl she wanted to help her as possible as she can this is considered to be a self-sacrificing too. She is cautious when she locked the door behind her to be safe.
“The Ghost” is very cunning character the place and how the story is said makes it very crafty.

“The Old Nurse’s Story”

Place Impression Evidence Characters

“West drawing Room” “Pleasant, lived in, warm, well furnished” “Very cheerful-looking with a warm fire in it.” “Grace Furnivall
Mrs. Stark

The great hall No fire lighted in, dark, gloomy “she was scared and lost in that great place” Rosamond
Miss Furnivall
The Fells Bleak, sharp air, ruthless “ gnarled holly-trees” Hester
The night nursery Pleasant, warm, kettle boiling, “with a pleasant fire burning, and kettle boiling on the hob” Little lords and ladies
Miss Stark
Miss Furnivall

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