Gender Differences and Expectations When Engaging in Casual Sex Encounters

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Sexual behaviour that occurs today allows for a lot more promiscuous behaviour than would have been acceptable in the past. Among the most modern trends is short-term casual sex encounter. These casual sex relations are defined as a relationship where partners engage in sexual activities without referring to it as romantic, (Grello, Welsh & Harper, 2006). These are purely physical relationships and can occur between strangers but generally develop out of a friendship, (Grello, Welsh & Harper, 2006). The duration of these relationships can last anywhere from a couple of hours to infinitely longer, (Conley, 2010). In a survey measuring the number of people who engaged in casual sex within a year, 70-85% of participants between the …show more content…
Men are much more likely to accept an invitation for casual sex because of higher sexual libido (Oliver & Hyde, 1993) and the chances of reaching orgasm, making the experience pleasurable, is consistently high, (Conley, 2010). Studies show that men have a higher sexual libido in sheer number of sexual activities they engage in alone (Oliver & Hyde, 1993). Masturbation is significantly more often in men then women but they prefer intercourse to self-stimulation and as men require more sex to be satiated, their standards for accepting a partner should be lower (Oliver & Hyde, 1993). In addition to needing sex more frequently, men are more likely to enjoy sex, as there is a higher chance that they will experience an orgasm. While women may hope to achieve pleasure, men are more likely to obtain it regardless of the relationship with their partner (Oliver & Hyde, 1993).
If a proposal from a stranger to engage in casual sex is perceived to be a positive sexual experience, then there is a high probability that both genders will accept an offer, (Conley, 2010). However, there is evidence that a man is willing to engage in a casual sex encounter after knowing a woman for an hour but no woman will be willing to engage in any form of sex with a man after this short amount of time, (Li & Kenrick, 2006). This shows that there is a gender difference in the likelihood of expecting a

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