Gay Parenting Should Not Be Encouraged Essay

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Gay Parenting Should Not Be Encouraged

Statistics from the United States (ACLU Fact sheet, 1999) estimate the there are between 6 and 14 million children being raised in same sex parent families. Whilst some significant advances have been made by the pro gay parenting movement, current legislation is for the most part geared against same sex marriage and adoption, this status quo should be maintained.

Gay parents rights group argue that being raised by two parents of the same sex provides a balanced and healthy approach to parenting. This is untrue, being raised by gay parents means that the family unit has an unbalanced ratio of male and female role models in the home environment, you could reasonably expect that this imbalance
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Each gender of parent brings different skills and qualities to the upbringing of a child.

Furthermore gay parents argue that their children are more than able to function in a healthy manner in social situations and the wider community. Many children of gay parents have reported (Cameron and Perrin, 2002) that they lie to their friends to hide the truth about their families, this means that these children cannot fully participate in a social situation in an honest way. Often this leads to the child feeling guilty about the lies they have told to their friends. Gay families are not welcome in most mainstream religions and are forced to worship in gay congregations. A very clear majority of citizens from a variety of ethnicities, races, religions and classes agree that while there should be legislation opposing discrimination against gays, legislation should not be passed allowing same sex marriages or adoptions (Schiffren, L, pg4.13). "Marriage, defined as one man and one woman, has been a foundation of our culture for millenniums" (Schiffren, L, pg 4.13). Gay parents argue that children of same sex couples can find acceptance within the gay community, there is some contention about whether there is a risk that these children may be shunned by the gay community when/if they come out, so to

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