Galileo Galilei Essay

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An Italian physicist and astronomer named Galileo Galilei founded modern science. He studied and researched many areas of what is now called physical science. Among other innovations, one of his more famous discoveries was changing the worldview of how the sun revolved around the earth. Galileo found through his research that the earth revolved around the sun, disputing the belief held by The Roman Catholic Church that the earth was the center of the universe. He refused to obey orders from Rome to terminate discussions of his theories and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Galileo's theories and inventions that were thought to be unconventional are now the baseline of modern science today.

The life of Galileo Galilei began in
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In 1590, he discovered the cycloid, the curve traced by a point on the circumference of a wheel rolling on a horizontal plane. Shortly thereafter, the Ponti de Mezzo Bridge across the Arno at Pisa was constructed from such a cycloidal design.

Galileo also learned the physics of the ancient Greek scientist, Aristotle. Aristotelians believed that heavier objects fall faster through a medium than lighter ones. Galileo questioned this theory and performed various experiments to challenge their ideas. Through his experiments, he was able to establish that all objects, regardless of their density, fall at the same rate in a vacuum. He compiled his research on motion in scholarly notes and later published his discoveries in a book entitled "De Motu", meaning "On Motion."

The death of Galileo's father in 1951 caused more financial strain on the family, forcing Galileo to return to Florence in 1952. He acquired the Mathematical Chair at the University of Padua, which had been vacant since 1588. During the 18 years he spent in this position, he productively increased his own understanding of physical phenomena.

Galileo often visited a place called the Arsenal in Padua, where Venetian ships were docked and loaded. He became fascinated with nautical technology and in 1593 he was presented with the problem concerning the placement of oars in galleys. He treated the oar as a lever and correctly made the water the

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