Freedom Never Known vs. Freedom Never Earned: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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What is freedom? According to The American Heritage Dictionary, freedom is referred to as “the power to determine action without restraint.” In modern day society, freedom is not thought about; it is taken advantage of and abused. Now, switching one’s perspective to that of a futuristic time period, what if one never experienced freedom, never tasted the sweet pleasure to decide what one wants to do for one’s self? In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, freedom is not known of; in fact, the civilians of the World State are strongly discouraged to be independent in any aspect of their life. “Community, Identity, Stability” is the civilians way of life (Huxley 3). In this fictional, new world realm, citizens rely on the government and each …show more content…
If a child seems to refuse or not whole-heartedly participate in the sex games, it is seen as dangerous and the child is taken to “the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology. Just to see if anything’s at all abnormal” in the young child (Huxley 38). This is the World State’s process of controlling its citizens by allowing them to be with everyone. The citizens have to be with multiple people multiple times or else their fellow citizens and government would become furious. The World State society “objects to anything intense or long-drawn” (Huxley 46). Relationships are not allowed. Lenina found herself in trouble for this with Fanny, her best friend. Fanny greatly disapproved of Lenina being sexually engaged for “four months [with] Henry Foster, without having another man” (Huxley 46). Lenina was thinking to one’s present-day society in which “the World State…violates our standards of sexual fidelity,” instead of how they are taught to behave (Schmerl 332). This situation is profound to the point where Fanny begins to reprimand Lenina and explain that “one’s got to make the effort” to be more promiscuous (Huxley 48). Lenina shows one that even intelligent, upper class citizens do not always want to conform to the rules of the World State. She is a direct example of how “the World State’s requirement of promiscuity could not always be

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