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In Douglas Monroy’s essay “The Creation and Re-creation of California Society,” the thesis is that studying history of California is not just about changes in state’s political concerns but is more about relation with human existence. First, he talks about land and liberty and how Californians settled at the landscape. Second, Douglas explains about the life in present day California. Last, he talks about Californios and Indios. Douglas Monroy’s purpose in writing this essay is to inform readers of how California and the inhabitants were in the 1800s by showing detailed life style.
The author provides a couple of interesting evidences about land and liberty in California. The first thing that I found interesting is a story about Governor
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This left me a little curious. Why were daughters so special back than? How does their honor represent their family’s honor? What was surprising about this was that boys were to sleep outside in the porches and daughters got to sleep in locked rooms.
“Californios and Indios” talk about how Californio society was based on the work of others. The author states that the Indios did most of the work such as slaughtering of cows, building of palatial homes and digging of ditches. Not only that they had to wash, cook, sweep, etc for the dona. It is just like a labor that immigrants are doing these days. The fact that Californios had someone else do the work is quite interesting. It was also interesting to find out that labor on the ranchos was hard but not constantly demanding. Laborers received food, clothing, or few hides for their labors.
This essay by Douglas Monroy is informative because it gets in to details and had many examples. He does support his thesis pretty well by bringing up evidences that are relevant. They are from quotes of different people or just straight facts. The essay is well organized into three different sections depending on the topic: land and liberty, life on the ranchos, and Californios and Indios. The author gives many specific ironic examples which make the essay interesting. However, since this essay was about Californio society, it had many Spanish words, which made it

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