Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Belongs To The Horror Genre Essay

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Belongs To The Horror Genre

In 1816, Lord Byron wished that Mary Shelley, Mary Goodwin, Byron himself, Claire Clairmont and a doctor named John Polimodi, all should write a ghost story for enjoyment. This proposition was acceded to "One stormy summer night on Lake Geneva". 'Frankenstein', one of the works that had emerged from it, has become a part of our lives. It's a myth that seems to become more and more powerful each generation. It's truly a novel that has exceeded the text of the 'Horror Genre'. The author of this novel was only eighteen years old when she wrote this marvelous novel of horror and pure entertainment.

Mary Shelley feels that she was a monster
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These have every little information we need to know about horror and what makes a novel or film belong to the horror genre.

In the opening scene of 'Frankenstein', Branagh used an image that was written in Mary Shelly's novel.

'….to curdle the blood and

quicken the beatings of the heart.'

The quote infers that the horror would increase your pulse making the blood circulate faster and quicken the hearts beating. You can see how Mary Shelly's literature and Branagh presenting techniques have joined to make the horror real (as a feeling). As soon as someone hears or reads the quote they would know the text of the movie and contrast between a non-horror film. Even with the first quote from the movie you can see how the quote and the horror genre are linked to each other. Branagh has used a brilliant technique to showcase Mary Shelly's literacy. But this is not the only convection used in the opening section of the film. The titles used to open the film 'Frankenstein' have also been written to recognize a horror genre. Once again, Kenneth Branagh's and Mary Shelly's techniques are presented as one.

'A story to strike terror in the hearts of all who would venture into the unknown………..'

This quote is one of the opening sayings used to open the film 'Frankenstein'. This

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