Frankenstein, a Gothic Novel Essay

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1. Introduction

Once a group of Chinese was visiting the home of an American. As they were shown around the house, they commented, "You have a very nice home. It's so beautiful." The hostess smiled with obvious pleasure and replied in good American fashion "Thank you" ---- which caused surprise among some of her Chinese guests. Later, while conversing at the dinner table, the host remarked to the Chinese interpreter, a young lady who had graduated not long ago from a university, "Your English is excellent. Really quite fluent." To this she demurred, "No, no. My English is quite poor" ---- an answer that he had not expected and found a bit puzzling.

Was the American hostess' reply immodest, as it seemed to some of the Chinese?
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Language is a part and regarded as a carrier of culture, and plays a very important role in it. Language is influenced and shaped by culture; it reflects culture. Just through language, culture can be spread. Moreover, the change and development of culture can promote language's richness and perfection. In the broadest sense, language is the symbolic representation of a people, and it comprises their historical and cultural backgrounds as well as their approach to life and their ways of living and thinking.

Because language is indispensable to culture creation, meanwhile the change and development of language neither could be separated from that of culture, it is incredible to understand the above-mentioned culture of every layer without language. Language is a vehicle to culture, also a mirror to culture. Through a nation's language layers, we can see the colorful cultural formations and features of the notion. Due to striking

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