Finding Jesus in The Wanderer Essay

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Finding Jesus in The Wanderer

During the Middle Ages, banishment was a devastating occurrence which plagued many Anglo Saxons. Upon being exiled, men were forced to travel the barren world alone in hopes of finding a new lord under whom they could serve. From this point on, melancholy and loneliness stood as the emotional basis on which every thought and dream was based. Until successfully locating a new mead hall and fellow companions, these loners were forced to look to themselves for comfort, or if they were lucky enough to realize it, the Lord. Not every exiled kinsmen was spiritual enough to grasp the realization that Christ was a stable means of service, unlike the leaders of their former kingdoms. In the elegy "The Wanderer"
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Fully-fixed is his fate. (Wanderer 68)

In this opening paragraph of the elegy, the earth-walker is telling the audience the utmost desire of exiled men: to find a new lord under which to serve. The wanderer is saying that most kinsmen are able to withstand the torment of banishment by holding fast to the belief that it will all work out in the end. Their only hope is to eventually come to a new kingdom where they are welcomed and able to reestablish their life as a fellow man of the mead hall. The wanderer fully understands that his fate is fixed. He will travel relentlessly in search of a new people using hope as his only means of salvation.

In the second paragraph of the poem, the wanderer comes to the realization that he must not lament on the fact that he is alone. He knows that self-pitying thoughts will be of no help to him. He says, "Words of a weary heart may not withstand fate, nor those of an angry spirit bring help. Therefore men eager for fame shut sorrowful thought up fast in their heart's coffer" (Wanderer 69). This quotation demonstrates his understanding of the process of success through inner-peace and acceptance. He compares his state to that of men who desire fame and recognition. They must rely upon themselves in order to obtain and then maintain a lofty societal level. Man must acknowledge his present state of being before being able to

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