Felon Disenfranchisement and the Racial Contract Essay

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Felon disenfranchisement laws exclude ex-felons from exercising constitutional rights, like the right to vote exclusively denying them full citizenship. While the laws are intended to be neutral restrictions that exclude members of the ex-felon status group, these laws unfairly treat African-Americans. Statistically speaking one point four Million African- Americans are disenfranchised (Federal Probation a Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice). In addition, the denial of ex-felons rights not only impacts ex-felons, but also has a detrimental impact on the communities of which they reside. The Judicial system and society have made it hard to be a convicted felon and be accepted as a productive member of society, almost as if …show more content…
While one job statistically held by felons is that of business owning. This is why there should be more felony approving jobs and landlords to help these people not be discouraged. What exactly is taking these rights away from an ex-felon doing but pissing them off and adding to the capacity of Correctional facilities. While society continues to look and treat felons like aliens our outcast. While another one point five million Americans and one in every forty voting age adults are denied the right to participate in democratic elections because of a past or current felony conviction. This is injustice for if a man committed a felony in his late teens and is kept from voting from every election each time a new political figure come to power he will have to remember the mistake he made as a teen. He may be a reformed and upstanding member of society yet he will still be unable to vote. Why is it reasonable to deny the vote of a sixty- seven year old, who forty years earlier, stole, a car? How is it reasonable to deny voting rights to a former drug user, now clean and sober, because they were once addicted to and caught for Possession of a Controlled Substance? The Government and Judicial systems purpose is to promote universal respect for, and observance of Human Rights and freedom. The definition of rights is ‘inalienable’ this is inconsistent with the idea that committing a crime can permanently

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