Exploring Witchcraft Essay

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These are terms that may help you understand my essay better.
· Wicca- the natural religion of the world; not a Christian religion.
· Pagans- followers of a non-Christian religion, that focuses around nature.
· Spells- magical workings that change the present; mostly considered negative workings by the Church of Wicca. When I was a little girl I wanted to control storms. I loved the rolling, dark clouds, swollen with rain and the wind that made little dust tunnels on our gravel driveway. I prayed for tornadoes to come so I could watch their natural ferocity through the basement window. When the skies became dark, I would run into the middle of the yard and command the wind to come. What I really wanted was to be a witch, to be
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Wicca is a way of life that investigates every potential that you have. Wicca draws its strength from the diversity of Nature itself and rejoices in diversity. Witches are positive thinkers and believe in happiness prevailing over evil. Overall Wicca is a philosophy as much as it is a nature-based religion (Encarta 7).
Witches do not worship Satan, or even believe in Satan. They also do not believe in Jesus, or the Lord. What they do believe in is an unknowable Ultimate Deity. Their God does not have a beard, is not necessarily a man, and does not persecute women. Followers of Wicca seek guidance from an endless number of deities. Pagans also do not subscribe to the black and white notions of good and evil. Rather, there are only appropriate and inappropriate actions (Donovan 2).
Unlike my Catholic upbringing, Wicca finds a spirit in every object, and that spirit is connected to every other living creature. Both animate and inanimate objects possess a spirit, which forms part of the Whole, or in layman's terms THE BIG PICTURE. Let's not confuse the idea of Wicca's word "spirit" with the Judeo-Christian sense of ghost (Pagan Web 1). The basis of Wicca rests on a deep respect for sexuality, feminity, nature and the knowledge that a person does not have the right to exploit another for personal gain. Spirituality is the foremost goals of the church and school of Wicca. That is what a witch will strive to reach in his/her lifetime. Many witches

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