Essay on Explaining a Wireless Connection Network

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Wireless connection network is great. It allows us to check e-mail while waiting on an airplane we can simple take our simply tale a laptop outside and the afternoon and work on a bright and sunny day while enjoying the day. Unfortunately with all the benefits of having a wireless networks can sometime infuriate you at times. Disconnection can have cursing at your computer while threatening to throw it across the room into a wall it is more annoying when you don’t have control over the hardware broadcasting the signal. But as I will explain in this article that I will tell you about that will help you have the power over your laptop. as I will explain if you are a first time user there are certain terminology and product that many …show more content…
While window sever like 2003 provide a lot of feature and tools install and your computer, you have to implement additional features and functionality on a server to provide the service and capabilities require and it’s user. One of the home Ethernet networks is a commutation standard that specifies how physical connect computer in a network send data. Ethernet links data computer to send data in small chucks call packets over wire you can think have as a small packets of letters being delivered to different cities moving through the mail system in addition to the actual data carriers your computer home address and a destination address. The Ethernet standard also details the type of wire that must be used and how fast data can travel across the network. The most popular type of Ethernet wiring is twisted pair wire must homes network use a Cat-5 or Cat-6 wire these wire are then connected RJ-45 connection which mostly look like a large telephone jacks Cat-5 wire transfer data speeds up to100 Mbps, Cat-4 transfer data speeds up to 1,000 Mps 1( Gbps). The simplest form of Ethernet links different from computer with connecting switch or router. A switch is an external communication device with multiple connector use for transmitting data between devices on a network. A router includes the capabilities of a switch but also enable commutation between one or two networks. Device

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