Euthanasia or Murder Essay

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In the medical field a controversial topic is that of euthanasia. Euthanasia is the act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. Euthanasia in the medical field is also known as Physician Assisted Suicide. In order for a physician to even consider euthanasia there are a six steps to follow for approval. One the patient must be deemed medically aware of what they are asking. Two the patient must be terminally ill. Three the patient is informed of their situation and prospects. Four there are no reasonable prospects to relieve suffering. Five an independent physician must be consulted. Six …show more content…
A sharp distinction, therefor, exist here between what “is” and what “ought” to be.” (Materstvedt. Clark. Pg.98.) It is hard for us as humans to try and make any type of killing okay. Even though in the process of euthanasia and PAS we are ending someone’s suffering. There will always be that one person that cannot grasp the lost of a loved one and instantly wants to put the blame on the physician. This is why euthanasia and PAS have become such controversial topics among healthcare.
Many physicians are nervous about euthanasia and PAS due to the many legal formalities and object of allegations. Physicians are concerned they will be unjustly charged. An online research survey was conducted to show unjustly charges and accusations upon physicians. “The survey was administered to members of a national palliative medicine professional society because these practitioners are most likely to be involved in the management of end-of-life cases The overall survey findings have just been published, (3) and 25 of 633 respondents (4%) reported having been formally investigated for hastening a patient's death when that was not their intention--13 while using opiates for symptom relief and 6 for using various medications while discontinuing mechanical ventilation. In one-third of these cases, a fellow member of the health care team initiated the charges against the physician.” (Cohen.) Even though there are strong accusations against physicians, some even

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