Ethics and Business Analysis Essay

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Young, driven employees at large businesses always risk getting caught up in the “rat race.” Too often, this causes promising men and women to lose sight of their goals and replace them with hopes of raises, bonuses, and promotions. Money or power can easily become the ultimate symbol of success. Unfortunately, money and power do not care about morality, principles, or ethical codes. In fact, some may argue that those with the most questionable moral codes are also some of the most successful members of the business community. Whether or not this is accurate, it is a dangerous perception that can cloud the judgement of ambitious young professionals looking to quickly move up the ranks of a business hierarchy.
The business analyst must be
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They may have to fire employees, lose some power in the marketplace, or find another way to cut costs as a result of this wasted money. The business analyst must therefore always present honest, thorough work to a company. The implications of an unimpressive report could be massive.
Additionally, the business analyst’s role as a communicator requires a trustworthy, responsible individual. Nobody will want to work with an analyst who is not honest with his or her clients. This will lead to a sub-par product, a damaged relationship, and a bad reputation in the industry. A high level of communication requires the analyst to set their own personal opinion aside in favor of the organization’s goals. There is no room for trivial disagreements or petty politics in the business analyst’s world. Instead, he or she must always be responsible to the greater goals of a business. Furthermore, the business analyst should be able to be trusted to follow through on their promises. It is in the business analyst’s own best interest to adhere to a set of moral guidelines. This will help create a reputation of consistency and honesty for the analyst. Having a good reputation is important because it will make other companies more likely to enlist a business analyst’s services. Ideally, the market will be competitive enough that only the business analysts with strong reputations will be hired. In this way, the market can actually enforce a moral code

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