Environmental Impact Analysis of Cement Plant in Ethiopia Essay examples

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. Results on Impact Significance determination
4.1. Criteria Identification and Weighting
Impact is characterized by the nature, magnitude, spatial extent, timing, duration, reversibility, likelihood, frequency and mitigation potential (Sadler and McCabe 2002). Such criteria characterize all types of impacts in general. Since the study focused on local scale, six criteria were adopted (Kumar & Armani, 2012) to compare and judge the impacts that was identified during impact identification (Table 2).
Table 1. Detail description of the criteria and their value
Magnitude Occurrence Impact Detection Controls Legislation adopted
The size or the extent of the impact Frequency of the impact the degree of effect of the impact Sensing time of
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These weighting process take placed by ten experts outside the factory. These experts are from four different sectors of the region where the factory is found. These are six experts from Tigray Environmental Protection, Land Administration and Use Agency (TEPLAUA), two experts from Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs (BoLSA), an expert from Bureau of Urban Development, Trade and Industry (BoUDTI) and an expert from Bureau of Health (BoH).
Table general description of external experts
Sectors Experts Educational status Experts Working experience Experts Right to control factory Response Experts
BoLSA 2 BSc 2 1-5 Years 6 Yes 9
TEPLAUA 6 MSc 8 6-10 Years 2 No 1
BoUDTI 1 PhD 0 above 10 year 2
BoH 1
Total 10 10 10 10
The above table shows the general description of the experts that participated on weighting of the criteria. These experts have interdisciplinary nature and directly or indirectly responsible to assess and control industry related environment. In terms of educational status 80% of the experts are master degree holder in different specialization fields. The experts’ total working experience is 60% 1-5 years, 20% above 2years. The 90% of the experts are responsible to assess and control factory in relation to environmental issue. The experts gave weight for the criteria based on their educational background and experience and

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