Energy: Airborne-Wind-Turbine Essay

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In this modern era man search for clean energy is a very sought after necessity. Current technologies include solar farms, damns, and windmills which are all sheep sources of energy but have low output yields. The need now is to find viable methods to produce more energy using the fundamental energies of wind, water and solar power and make it cheap. Steps have been made to better harness the power of water using wave and current turbines. Other methods have used the sun in focusing its rays to produce steam energy. While some of these programs have been proven to work and others have actually built there is one energy that engineers have had a hard time sorting out. Wind energy is a very good source of power and the current methods of …show more content…
These challenges make for a look of design planning, and even with a successful design some design failures could be catastrophic. “The turbine could be over a very large range of downwind real estate in the event of a failure, and high enough up that throw distance of failed components is much longer” (1).

Recently the news has generated buzz about the airborne wind turbine market after they put the spotlight on Altaeros energies, Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT). While it may not be the first airborne turbine ever created like most videos say, it does seem to be the most promising. Promising because the platform used for the turbine has proved its aerodynamic ability before the turbine was added. . “The BAT lifting platform is adapted from tethered aerostats, which have reliably lifted heavy communications and monitoring equipment high into the air for decades”(2). As you can see in figure 1, the BAT may function under the same principles as an aerostats but it has an entirely different look.

The Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) is comprised of the following major components. These are the shell, turbine, tethers, and the ground station. Each part performs a critical role in the success of the entire system. The shell is made from lightweight, high performance industrial material and filled with helium. The shell is responsible for lifting the turbine off the ground and keeping it stabilized while producing energy in the air. The turbine, which is

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